Mark Pelt Could Barely Walk Because of Knee Pain, Now He Runs Over 50 Miles a Week!

St. Louis, MO – It was around Christmas time of last year when Mark Pelt, 69, woke up from a restless night to realize he couldn’t get himself out of bed. His body was sore, his wrists hurt, but most importantly his knees were in extreme pain.

“I was a runner my whole life,” Mark told us, “And every year it became harder and harder to run due to my knees, but I never thought it would prevent me from doing the little things like standing up out of bed!”

Mark was diagnosed with arthritis a few years back after he noticed his joints becoming swollen and sore in the colder weather, and his knees took the biggest toll.

“That morning, I tried to stand up and my knees were in such pain that I fell back on the bed. I told my wife to get up without me and let me lay a little longer. I felt terrible lying to her, but I was too embarrassed to tell her how much pain I was in.”

It didn’t take long for his wife and kids to notice.

“I’m a pretty active guy, so the minute I told everyone I didn’t want to get out of bed, they knew something was up.”

Mark Pelt in October of 2018


“I thought I just needed to sleep a little more and let my legs rest. But the more I rested, the worse it got. It went from not being able to run, to needing breaks from walking, to using a walker or wheelchair to get around.”

And the depression set in.

“It was killing me. I love moving around. I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t play with my grandkids, I couldn’t go out by myself. I was so depressed.”


About 3 months into Mark’s issue, his son Tanner came over with a new pain cream.

“He showed it to me and said it was called Y Pain Cream. He got it with a  50% OFF discount code SECRET50. I had tried some arnica before, a natural pain cream, but it didn’t really work so I was skeptical. But then my son said he used it for his back when a friend recommended and that it did wonders. So I thought, what the hell!”

Mark tried Y Pain Cream and after a day of using noticed a big difference.

“I was so shocked, it worked! After a day of using it, I was sitting in a chair and, out of nowhere, I got up and walked to the kitchen like it was nothing! My wife just stopped like, what the hell do you think you’re doing! I was back to my old self!”


“Once I started using Y Pain Cream every day in the morning and the night, my whole body changed. I was able to do so much more, including more marathons.”

Mark went from barely walking to running two to three marathons a year!

“I run every morning and can sometimes get up to 50 or 60 miles a week!”

Mark swears by Y Pain Cream, and so does his wife!

“My wife has arthritis in the hands, and once I used it for my knees and it worked, she wanted it for her hands. So she started putting it on twice a day and she’s back to knitting, which she stopped years ago!”

Needless to say, both Mark and his wife’s lives have changed for the good!


We wanted to talk further with our investigative reporter Stefanie Miller to find out if Y Pain Cream really worked for pain relief. Stefanie tells the story.

When I was 22 I was diagnosed with a rare case of arthritis. For the longest time, I’ve dealt with sore hands, tightness in my joints, and even muscle pain, so I’m always looking for the best type of pain relief.

Personally, I never found pain relief creams to be very effective. I often opted for oral medication, but it can become overwhelming and incapacitating, especially on days that I would like to get out of the house and function as a normal adult. It was this reason alone I began searching for another method that may work a little better.

That’s when my good friend showed me Y Pain Cream. She recently threw her back out and her doctor recommended it with the 50% OFF discount code SECRET50. I used the discount code as well to get my shipment of pain relief cream to try.

A few days later my package arrived. The packaging for Y was the first thing to impress me about the company. It’s clear, concise, and provides instructions right on the casing (you’d be surprised how many pain relief brands forget to show you proper instructions, it’s quite frustrating).

That said, the instructions were rather easy. Simply apply a generous amount of the cream to the areas of your body that are experiencing pain twice a day, in the morning and at night.


Y’s patented formula impacts an important receptor involved in pain, stress, and inflammation, called TRPV1, as well as GPR55, 5HTI-alpha, and adenosine A2A, which also cause inflammation, pain, and anxiety. The direct topical application of hemp cream directly meets these receptors for hyper-targeted pain treatment.

What’s most important is that, unlike an oral treatment, the pain reliever doesn’t need to travel through your bloodstream, so you can concentrate your pain relief to the areas of your body that hurt.

I found with my arthritis, which often would only hurt in my hands, I would take pain reliever that made my entire body a little numb, and I didn’t like that.


The first day I received Y Pain Cream, I applied it to my hands, back, and neck before bed as they tend to be the areas that bother me the most at night, and especially when waking up. To be honest, I fell asleep quite quickly that night so I didn’t notice a change. However, when I woke up, I was surprised at how refreshed I felt. No soreness, no tightness in muscles, and I even stayed in bed for an extra 30 minutes (which I never do as my body tends to be in too much pain to stay still).

With Y, I found applying twice a day was enough to drastically reduce the pain in my hands and joints. I actually found myself forgetting that I even had pain, which is rare when you have chronic arthritis.


Something I really wanted to test out was the ability for Y Pain Cream to consistently deliver. A lot of times with pain creams they work for the first few days and slowly their effectiveness fades because your body becomes accustomed. It’s often why people turn to opioids because they’re so strong that they seem to be effective every time you take them (it’s also why they’re so addicting)


I used Y Pain Cream every day in the morning and at night. Found an effective decrease in pain. I was able to type for about an hour longer than I usually can, and had a better night’s sleep every night.


Wednesday and Thursday I didn’t use Y Pain Cream at night before bed as I had no noticeable pain. I woke up each morning slightly sore, but applying in the morning helped reduce the pain pretty much to zero by the time I finished breakfast.


I switched off about every day from applying Y Pain Cream at night as it seemed to be so effective that I didn’t need it as much as it was recommended. That was a shocker, as more often I find pain relievers are less effective than they promise and you end up using more than you think.


I’m a new believer in pain creams, especially Y Pain Cream. It effectively reduced my pain in the areas I needed it to focus on and helped me get out of bed and keep moving throughout the day without noticeable discomfort. I highly recommend Y Pain Reliever for your muscles, joints, and nerves.



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